Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shoes Spring Summer 2011

hey my lovely fashion addicted people ;)
today, oops, tonight about our beloved shoes.!

are you ready to start this season with a pair of new 2011 trend? if so, let me begin to introduce you these fashion trends.

1. CLOGS are not out of fashion. Thanx God, we can still wear it! isn't it fantastic. Clogs clogs clogs, I am waiting for snow to be melt to wear you. lalalala

2. PLATFORMS. Yes, the most comfy ones if don‘t like wearing flats. For me personally platforms ate the best shoes ever, because I never get tired wearing them and also look quite taller than I am :D


4.WEDGES. yeah, still very popular. You will not lose anything if you wear it this season. What can be much more amazing that the shoes that have been in fashion for such a long time.


5.FLATFORMS. the innovation in fashion! It‘s really really comfy i guess. Let‘s try them! 


6.BALLET FLATS. How can we live without our favourite ballet flats. What else can we cary in our bags in order to wear it after we get tired of those high heeled sandals? :D doesn‘t it remind u ur personal situation?? Oh, it is what the life about ;)


7.SANDALS. when u got tired of ur heel. Or when you are on holidays, it‘s a must to have the sandals. Oh, but u probably do already know about such a well known thingie.


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