Saturday, March 19, 2011

Best Outfits 2011. Maxi
Made It Myself Maxi Skirt
(Andy rocking in maxi skirts)

As many of you like my THE BEST OUTFITS posts, I decided to start writing that kind of posts again. But  I made some changes. I decided to post the best outfits for different trends. What do you think about it?
And on Friday I will make a small post and choose the best outfits of each previous day. If you guys like any outfits write it in the comments I will definitely take it into account. :) 
So, today's trend is MAXI. All of us enjoy it. And I personally love it soo much. ;)
Tomorrow a very interesting post is waiting for you.
Stay tuned.
And have a good Saturday's evening. 

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