Saturday, March 12, 2011

2011 Spring Summer Fashion Trends

Hello, guys. :)
today I wanna tell u a little bit about the fashion trends of this spring and summer.
I do not know what is the weather like in ur city or country, but here in Vilnius is still not warm enough. the snow has not been melted. And now I am wearing my autumn coat and biker boots or ankle boots. so anyway.Because of that I am getting prepared for this season. Have chosen the diet (Chinese one), doing sports and dancing ballet as always. and ofcourse looking for new clothes and trying to find out some new fashion trends.
so, let's begin this small cruise around upcoming trends. :)
1. Full Skirts and back to 60 skirts. I find it simply amazing. and to be honest i thing everyone can find smth like that in mom's or granny's wardrobe. :)

full plaid skirt

A lot of us got used to all these dark, gray colors. As for me, personally, this trend is really awesome. Cuz past few years I have been wearing only dark and not bright colors. But fashion is a world that changes all the time. so time to change the colors of ur clothes and ur lifes guys. :)

 3. oh, and ofc still popular maxi skirts and dresses, laces,Stripes,Jumpsuits & playsuits
floral prints, waist belts, and tassels. I dont want to pay a special attention to it, because you guys already know about it. So lets skip it. ;)
The Wide pants  trend is coming back. As I have notices a lot of fashion bloggers have already taken it into account. and during the fashion weeks I have seen a lot of fashionable people wearing this kind of pants. I think it is such a fantastic trend, bacause it's really comfy one and it could be mixed with a lot of different shoes and accesosries. :)

Hm, and I think here it is. In the second post I promise to write about shoes and accesories for spring summer 2011.
Be tuned guys, be in fashion
Always urs,
Vicky <3

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