Sunday, June 20, 2010

crazy day

hello there!  I am all urs now and I can post as often as I want without thinking that I have to do something and delaying to edit my blog every time ;)
so, that day I spent with my best friend Lauren. we went to some shops to have a look what do we have in our country. And the result is: I didn't even try on anything, The clothes are terrible and I don't know how do people find something at our shops. and by the way  we found some staff from PRIMARK at one of the shops in Lithuania. Do u guys think it's normal. cuz I think it's illigal at all to sell the clothes from another shop.
I just love doing crazy faces. ;D This is how I react when I see a camera taking pictures of me ;)
The best comment is :  THE WORLD IS MINE :D

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